Meet The Team

Gate Herts

Sherrie Smith

Project Manager

Project manager Sherrie Smith joined our team as a volunteer in February 2015. Sherrie comes from a traditional family of Romany Gypsies descending from Belvedere, kent and Bow, London. Sherrie is currently finishing her BA at Goldsmiths college in social science, community development and youth work. She is member of several local & national boards/panels including Imperial war museum etc Sherrie’s real passion is hate crime and tackling the everyday inequalities that entails. She also has a special interest in raising awareness of Roma holocaust. Sherrie is also a qualified tutor & florist facilitating tailored training courses for Gypsy, Roma and Travellers.


Chief Officer

Josie is a Irish Traveller family, she came to the UK in the late seventies. She lived a nomadic life travelling around The uk until an illness forced the family to settle in Hertfordshire in the nineties. She volunteered with The Traveller Movement in London as a Community development worker and researcher for many years. She holds an Advanced Award in the Management of Gypsy & Traveller Sites and she has won several community engagement awards. She has trained as a Roma meditator on the Council of Europe Romed program. She sits on several local and national governmental advisory and Equality and hate crime boards. In 2008 she Founded and chaired GATE Herts (a GRT led not for profit charity) before taking on her current role as Chief Officer, she is committed to working towards the elimination of discrimination and disadvantages facing Gypsies, Traveller and Roma people.

Ciprian Ioniță

Policy Officer

Policy officer Ciprian Ioniță, joined our team in February 2018. He comes from a family of Kalderash Roma from Romania and is very passionate about fighting social injustice, hate crime and inequality. He took his BA degree in Law, he continued his graduate studies abroad where he specialized in the field of international human rights law. Ciprian’s professional interests also include Roma Holocaust.

Claire Rice

Hate Crime Officer

Hate Crime Officer, Claire Rice joined our team in February 2018. Claire comes from a long line of English Romany Gypsies. She is passionate about Fighting Social Inequality, Women’s and Children’s Rights and combating Racism. She took her BSc in Psychology and Criminology at ARU Cambridge following on with a MA in Criminology also at ARU Cambridge, her academic specialty is the Psychological and Criminological impact of Hate crime.